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she dreamed of paradise

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I’ll never be your favorite; I’ll never make you proud. Meeting up to your standard is like meeting hell but with words and verbal abusiveness. What you said was right, I’ll never meet up to your friend’s daughter standard, and I’ll grow up to be like my cousin. Smoke weed and do all those kind of things, right? Is that what you always wanted to hear? Well since you put that and straight out your mouth, you regret I was born and you want to kill me. What’s left of me as already been dead and gone nothing can hurt me anymore; I’m just not the daughter you ever wanted. Your words have already killed me inside. I put a fake smile everyday on just to show you how strong I am and how your words don’t mean a single thing, but it still hurts as my dad you should at least listen and let me explain but no you didn’t, you judge me and look down, you jump down to my throat, your words hurt so much. Someday you’ll realize why we all left because you’re cold hearted and evil. You’re a coward. I don’t know why my mom is still with you, when she could do better herself. You treat her like she a piece of meat. I don’t know why, Thank god my grandparents hate you! You always think you’re better than everyone! You always think your right. When you’re wrong all the time! It’s talking to a brick wall! FUCK YOU AND ALL THOSE KID WHO YOU COMPARED ME TOO! I’ll be nothing like them! YOU HAVE NO FUCKIN CLUE WHAT THEY DO BEHIND THEIR BACK! I DON’T EVEN GO OUT FOR GOD SAKE AND YOU SAID I’LL BE LIKE MY COUSIN?!? Whatever did my cousin ever do to you? You kicked my brother out of the house, what’s next? You’re going to kick me out the house too?!? GOOD! I’m fine with that! I DON’T NEED YOUR ASS TO SUPPORT ME! You’re my dad? Well then be a FUCKIN DAD! All do is care about drinking and fuckin other bitches! I can’t stand you and I fuckin hate you with a burning passion! My mom deserves better you fuckin worthless coward! 

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Can I be the one you call yours?

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How am I suppose to give you after all those bullshit and lies you feed me. 

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